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The end.

This community has been abandoned by spacekitten_. Though my name is on the info page of this community, I created it and designed it have nothing to do with it anymore as I no longer have access to it. Sadly it can't be deleted now or revived because of this.

Such is the way of life, another dead community.
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More icons! MORE, I SAY!! XD

Heres' a batch I just took out of the oven. A lot of 'em are demon-girls.. they've got horns and such. You cant' always tell. There is one boy icon in this set.

Enjoy! ^_~Collapse )

Remember: To get the best quality icons, save the one you want as a .png: this will preserve quality.
Also, if you want an icon but you dont want anyone else on LJ to be able to use it, please let us know in your claim-comment. We'll take the icon down ASAP! ^_~
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(no subject)

i will, one day , post icons here... i just haven't found any good photos / pics / art to do them with. that and adobe 4.0 kinda sucks. and i haven't swiped the new one from my dad yet. any suggestions to where i can get pics/art, etc?
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Squall - Whatever....

(no subject)

Hey everyone! *waves* I've been browsing around here and I've really enjoyed looking at the icons that have been posted up here and I love what I've seen. I can't make icons myself, but I may take what I see here, Asking permission, of course.

Well, I just thought I'd introduce myself and all. Later! ^_^
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